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Personalized stand designs

Design, manufacturing, and assembly of custom stands based on the aesthetic that characterizes your brand.
And if you want, we can also handle all the marketing and communications before, during and after the event.

Get in touch for a no-obligations design proposal for your personalized stand.

Why are our stands intelligent?

1st design for free.

We create the first design proposal at zero cost to you and without any obligations. Simply tell us your budget and objectives. 

Turnkey projects

We take care of all the arrangements: marketing, admin, and organization. Both in Spain and abroad.

360 degree communication

We handle all the communications before, during and after the event, both online and in-person.

Services we offer

  • A complete CRO audit of your website
  • A no-obligations proposal for the first design 
  • Stand design, manufacturing, assembly and dismantling for all events: fairs, conferences, and street marketing events 
  • Marketing before, during, and after the event: graphic design, agenda planning, content marketing, social media, email marketing, press, PR and video content
  • Web/app design and development for events: microsites, corporate or content websites, mobile app design and build
  • Brand identity, signage and merchandising: brand consultancy, packaging, corporate gifts and swag, press releases, artwork, etc. 
  • Digital and print artwork
  • Catering: Research and testing

Personalized stand designs that we have created

We show you the smart way_ to reach your goal >

Key team members 

Elena Rojo

Communications, Events, and Training Manager

Product Owner y Scrum Máster a ratitos

I will make sure your stand is ready for the fair and I will be your liaison for whatever you need. I will help you avoid obstacles and, believe me, you will save a lot of time and money. ;]

Óscar García-Pablos

Art Director

A picture is worth a thousand words

I am responsible for everything that needs to be designed for the stand: vinyls, rigging, dossiers, Powerpoints and the event agenda are just some examples. Simply ask and I will bring it to life.

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Discover the tools we use to design personalized stands.

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We will show you the intelligent path to achieving your goals.
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