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General conditions of use

This website belongs exclusively to REINICIA. AGENCIA DE MARKETING, S.L, (hereon referred to as AGENCIA
REINICIA), located at 15 Juan de Mariana street, Madrid, 28045 (Spain) – Business number/VAT number 86880598.
Registered in the Madrid Commercial Register.

The general terms and conditions set out below regulate the access and use of the website via which the company Agencia Reinicia publishes and offers its services.

We request that the user reads these terms carefully. Accessing this website, and using the materials contained
within it, means you have read and accepted the conditions without any reservation.

Furthermore, Agencia Reinicia can establish particular clauses regulating the use and/or procurement of specific services offered to users via this website. Before using and/or procuring said services please read these conditions
carefully. The use and/or procuring of these services will mean you fully accept these conditions.

1. Conceptual framework

1.1 General conditions are understood to be the set of rules that regulate the access, use, navigation and/or procurement of services by the user in regards to the website content.

1.2 “Website” refers to the online portal: and includes all its content as well as the hyperlinks that redirect to materials that are property of Agencia Reinicia.

1.3 “User” refers to any person who accesses, navigates, uses and/or participates in the services and activities, free or paid, offered via the website.

1.4 “Content” refers to all the information shown on the website including, and without limitation, texts, databases, graphics, photographs, designs, software, music, videos.

2. Industrial and Intellectual Property

Agencia Reinicia naturally or by assignee is the owner of all the intellectual and industrial property rights of this Website, as well as all of its content. THE USER agrees to respect all the Intellectual and Industrial rights of this website. The user will be able to see all the elements of this website and even print them, copy them, and store them on a hard drive on their laptop or on any other physical device as long as it’s for exclusive personal and private use. It is strictly prohibited to change, distribute, communicate publicly, put at another’s disposal, or any other use, including modifying, altering or disassembling, without the express written authorization of Agencia Reinicia. The user should refrain from removing, altering, diverting or manipulating any protectiong device that might be installed on the

3. Access, use of passwords, navigation and procurement

3.1 User access to the website: is free, although some services or content offered by Agencia Reinicia or third parties might be subject to contract and/or to monetary charges which are defined in the corresponding Specific Clauses.

3.2 Minors are forbidden to procure services via the Website, without the explicit prior consent of their parents, tutor or legal guardians, who will be considered responsible for the acts of minors in their charge, and subject to the legislation in force

3.3 If the user needs to sign up in order to use and/or procure a service on the website, the user will be responsible for giving the correct information. If the user needs to create a password in order to sign up, then they agree to be diligent with the password and keep it secret. Users are responsible for keeping their passwords and logins confidential.

It will also be the user’s responsibility to correct or verify the data they hand over, including via the various forms that are part of the content of this website.

It will also be the user’s responsibility if the information from this website is used unlawfully, whether by themself or by an illegitimate third party who has been transferred this information via any channel by the user.

With regards to the above, the user is obliged to immediately notify the Website manager about changes that might lead to the inappropriate use of logins and/or passwords, such as theft, lost, or suspected unauthorized access, in order to cancel the account straight away. If such acts are not communicated in any way, Agencia Reinicia is exempt of any responsibility that may arise from inappropriate use of accessed information.

3.4 The user is responsible for their navigation of the Website. This means that the user is obligated to use the contents correctly and lawfully.

3.5 The user also agrees to:

3.5.1 Not use the contents of the Website in any way that is against the law, against morals or against generally accepted good behaviors, or against public order.

3.5.2 Don’t reproduce, copy, distribute, use, or modify any content from the website without the express written authorization of the owner.

3.5.3 Don’t use any of the content from the website onerously or not permitted by Agencia Reinicia.

3.5.4 In general, don’t use content from the Website in any unlawful way.

4. Content

4.1 This website contains material created by Agencia Reinicia for informative and/or publicity uses. The user must
take into account that such material might not reflect current legislation. Furthermore, content might be modified, created or updated without notice.

4.2 The links on this website might send the user to different websites managed by other owners over which Agencia
Reinicia exercises no control. Agencia Reinicia cannot answer for the content or the state of these sites, and the links
don’t mean that Agencia Reinicia recommends or approves the content of the sites nor that they have any commercial relationship with these sites or any dependency on these pages.

4.3 Agencia Reinicia doesn’t guarantee, nor is responsible for: the continuity or updating of the website content: errors in this content, correction of any defect that might exist, the absence of viruses and/or other damaging
components on the website or on the administrative server; the possible vulnerability of the website, the lack of operativity or correct rendering of its content, any damages that it might cause, and all those damages derived from breaching these general provisions.

4.4 Nevertheless, Agencia Reinicia declares that, acting in full due diligence, it has adopted all the necessary measures, within its capabilities and those of technology, to guarantee its content and online services work, and to avoid the existence or transmission of viruses and other damaging components for users.

5. Electronic communications

5.1 Agencia Reinicia can send emails to users who have authorized such communications.

5.2 Agencia Reinicia can send email communications, including information about their services and events and those of their partners.

6. Cookies and IPS

The user accepts the use of cookies and IPS tracking which allows Agencia Reinicia to collect data. Nevertheless, if the user wants to deactivate and/or delete these cookies to avoid being tracked they can follow the instructions of their internet browser.

7. Information provided by users

7.1 If the user sends information of any kind to the website, they declare, guarantee and accept that they have the right to do so, and that said information doesn’t infringe on industrial property rights, intellectual property rights industrial secrets, or confidentiality agreements.

7.2 The user accepts that Agencia Reinicia is completely exempt from any responsibility with regards to any communication provided personally or in their name, that could lead to the breach of any of the clauses in the previous section.
(ENLACE CON NUESTRO WEB SITE). The link can only direct to the website homepage.
Via the website, Agencia Reinicia will be able to enable third parties so that they can publish or offer their services or build links with the page. In these cases, Agencia Reinicia will not be responsible for establishing the General or
Specific Terms and Conditions to bear in mind when using, offering or procuring these services from third parties. Agencia Reinicia doesn’t authorize establishing website links to pages that contain illicit, illegal, degrading, obscene content, software or information that, in general, might go against morals, public order or generally accepted social

8. Duration and Adjustments

Agencia Reinicia can modify these conditions at any moment, being duly published as they appear here. Said conditions will be in effect during the time they are displayed and will be valid until they are modified by other duly published conditions.

9. General Points

9.1 The headings of these clauses ​​are merely illustrative and do not affect, qualify or encourage interpretation of the general conditions.

9.2 In case of any discrepancies between the established General clauses and specific Conditions of every individual service, the prevailing one will be the latter.

9.3 If Agencia Reinicia doesn’t carry out a right laid out in these provisions it doesn’t constitute a waiver of such rights, unless stated by them in writing.

10. . Jurisdiction

10.1 In cases where legislation foresees the possibility of both parties submitting to a Court, Agencia Reinicia and the user, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction they may be entitled to, agree to be subject to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.

10.2 Agencia Reinicia complies with the Spanish procedural legislation in force.