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ACE System

Attract > Convert >> Expand >>>At Reinicia we follow our own path to organize our clients’ marketing. Would you like to get to know what we do and see how you can implement it? 


  1. Identify your audience and understand who they are.
  2. Look for common ground between your audience and your brand.
  3. Create a solid brand and become memorable
  4. Build relationships from person to person.


  1. Understand your users’ needs early on.
  2. Guide potential customers through the buying process and solve their doubts.
  3. Create valuable transactions for your business.
  4. Reinforce the decisions made by your clients.


  1. Continue to support them so that they remain loyal to you.
  2. Offer ongoing assistance to encourage cross-buying.
  3. And increase the Lifetime Value of each customer (CLTV).
  4. Give them reasons to recommend you.

Whilst other methodologies focus on conversion, at Reinicia we understand the importance of optimizing your Brand in order to generate loyalty in the long run.  For this reason: 

  • We create a community specifically for your audience 
  • We create valuable content that act as constant points of contact 
  • We are always on standby in case they need us. In turn, this helps us to catch opportunities quickly
  • We incentivize the community we build so that it can protect your Brand and spread the word organically

Our methodology ensures your customers are supported throughout the entire decision-making process, which increases the probability of your brand being chosen:

  1. Awareness: once they realize they have a need, we will be there to help them
  2. Research: whilst they are researching solutions, we will be on hand to answer their questions and resolve any doubts
  3. Consideration and Conversion: we will be their preferred option
  4. Adoption: once they have completed their purchase, we will be on hand to make sure there are no issues, helping them see they made the right decision
  5. Repetition and Expansion: we will boost the amount of return customers
  6. Recommendation: and of course, we will incentivize them so that they recommend us in their social circles, both in-person and online

We use both Scrum and Lean methodologies to help us create agile and well-organized campaigns.  What does this actually mean? 

  • We create a complete Marketing Plan for you, be it short term, long term, multi-campaign, or one-off specific campaigns 
  • We break down your plan into micro-campaigns that allow us to roll it out as promptly as possible 
  • Recommendation: and of course, we will incentivize them so that they recommend us in their social circles, both in-person and online
  • We collect data from each campaign and we turn it into actionable business information that allows you to make intelligent decisions
  • We constantly look for ways to improve in order to amplify positive results
  • We know when to go full steam ahead, when to pivot, and when to stop

Our methodology is designed to constantly collect data and apply it to your Marketing Plan: 

  • We create dashboards that update autonomously 
  • We monitor objectives and KPIs previously agreed with you  
  • We prepare monthly performance proposals outlining areas for improvement 
  • We analyze all content to understand what is truly adding value to the Communities 
  • we create  
  • Each year, we present you with a global report and propose improvements for your marketing strategy