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SEM Consultancy

Search engine advertising offers one of the shortest routes to reaching your target audience, but it doesn’t always lead to the best results.

We offer a holistic approach to advertising in order to achieve the results you’re looking for: from creating your account, defining your strategy and creating the first campaign structure, to optimizing ads and landing pages on your website. We are always transparent, using your account and always sharing clear and simple reports.

Why is our SEM intelligent?

Smart bidding and automation

We create optimized campaign architecture to make the most of Google’s AI and we create automated rules which we keep feeding in manually in order to accelerate learning. 

Constant analysis and proposals

We spend the time saved by assigning tasks to algorithms on analyzing improvements in the campaign architecture and finding new opportunities for you. 

Personalized client training

We understand that learning is an ongoing and daily process. We will explain to you why we are making each decision so thattogether we can advance as a team and achieve the best results.  

SEM consultancy services

  • Creating accounts that belong to our clients
  • Preliminary analysis, keyword research, and demand estimation
  • Defining SEM strategies
  • Creating advertising campaigns
  • Constantly optimizing campaigns, testing new adverts and improving the «quality score»
  • Graphic adverts and new artwork in different formats: image and video
  • Creating and improving landing pages to boost CPCs, conversions, and CPAs
  • Defining KPIs and preparing reports and dashboards
  • Improvement proposals

Discover intelligent marketing_ 

Discover what we do, what we achieve, and how we work. There is nothing better than someone who can guide you along the right path. 

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Key team members

Álvaro O’Donnell

Digital Strategy, CRO and CRM_

His capacity for conceptualization will surprise you

Together we will define the best publicitystrategy to reach your public and we willoptimize landing pages to maximize conversions at the lowest cost. Let’s beat your competitors! 

->  Meet the whole team

How we work and what we offer

We use the ACE System to organize the Marketing Plans of our projects > Attract, Convert, Expand


Maintain a long-term relationship with your Customers and Prospects without wanting to sell to them every time. Make them have you among their preferences and visit your Brand Universe, online and offline, either because you offer them the solution to their problems, or your brand adds value to them.


Now that you’ve caught their attention and they know you, generate content and resources that will lead them to convert when a need arises. That is, they opt for your products or services, request a quote, contact you, etc. There are many ways to convert beyond buying!


Once the first sale has been achieved, work to reinforce the idea that you are the best option, keep in touch so that they will buy/hire you again and make them fall in love so that they recommend you.

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