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Content Marketing

Capture your audience’s attention by offering them quality content. In your blog, on your website, or on social media, there are so many interesting topics that are related to your brand or industry which can help you attract, convert and expand.

We can help you prepare the correct editorial strategy and define regular content plans. We can also create the content for you, text, images, audio or video.

Why is our content marketing intelligent?

AI Technology

 We use apps that recommend the best content for your market niche and they also help us to make it as attractive as possible.

SEO focus

We ensure that the content created will help position you in search engines. Our apps tell us the best SEO and compare it to your competitors.


The content we create can be used on different platforms with only a few alterations. It’s incredibly easy to distribute. 

Services we offer

  • Content curation
  • SEO content plans
  • SEO focused content creation training
  • SEO content review and optimization
  • Identification of the best templates for your website to easily create and publish content 
  • SEO optimization for new website sections 
  • Email marketing and social media campaigns 
  • Key viral content initiatives and activities
  • Blog and Wiki management
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Key team members

Elena Rojo

Communications, Events, and Training Manager

Product Owner y Scrum Máster a ratitos

You can publish content as and when you can, or simply leave the ideation and creation of an editorial strategy up to me. I will take key dates into account, as well as launches and positioning. It’s up to you.

Virginia Barrios

Content and Social Media Manager

It doesn’t matter how many new social networks are invented, Virginia has created a profile for all

Enticing title. Done. Summarized intro. Done. Informative and valuable article. Done. We have what you need to make sure your content isn’t just 800 well placed words. We will add value to those who read it!

Álvaro O’Donnell

Digital Strategy, CRO and CRM_

Su capacidad de conceptualización te sorprenderá.

I will make sure your content doesn’t just hang around aimlessly on your blog or website. We will share it on social media, via your newsletter, and via any other platform that will help bring your site traffic. 

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