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To increase the number of registered users and receive investment.
100.000 €
Sector: Ecommerce
Scope: National

Challenges faced

EverybodyCar is a social network for buying cars as a group. The company was
looking to attract users to validate their business model and receive private
investment to support their project.
We prepared a comprehensive (integral?) Marketing Plan>>

  1. To get users to register and join buying groups
  2. To increase the brand’s visibility
  3. To appear in the media, advertise this new way of car buying, and make it popular
everybodycar coches luces

Our solution

Plan de Marketing

  • We defined the Marketing Strategy
  • We created a comprehensive Marketing Plan


  • We carried out a preliminary analysis and SEO strategy: we worked on improving their rankings on searches for specific industry keyword patterns: buy + brand, dealer + brand, dealer + region, offers + brand, etc.
  • We created a 12 month SEO plan
  • We proposed SEO improvements for their website: code, content, and structure
  • We remodeled their website (New website layout?)
  • We designed a Link Building strategy
  • We created an editorial strategy


  • We designed an SEM strategy aligned with their SEO in order to secure
  • more registered users from preferred regions
  • We created an estimated budget based on demand
  • We designed the initial campaign architecture
  • We continuously optimized campaigns

Social Media

  • We published articles, responses and relations with other pages
  • We contacted forums and brand clubs to publish content
  • We wrote blog content

Press Office

  • We drafted press releases: 4 a year
  • We managed media relationships
  • We built a press dossier
  • We prepared interviews

E-mail Marketing

  • We defined content structure
  • We designed a template for their newsletter

Web Analytics

  • We created a measuring plan and dashboards
  • We generated detailed reports for every marketing channel
  • We carried out thorough analysis and shared monthly improvement opportunities

What we achieved together

  1. Winners of the first edition of WayraWeek Barcelona in February 2012 (TheTelefónica Incubator) Acceleration program?
  2. €100,000 from private investors, including Telefónica
  3. 5,153 registered users in 6 months
  4. 497 car buying groups created in 6 months
  5. 207 car dealers using the platform in 6 months
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Néstor Tejero Bermejo

Managing Director

Néstor manages Reinicia_ and advises both big and small clients within various industries.

Virginia Barrios

Content and Social Media Manager

It doesn’t matter how many new social networks are invented, Virginia has created a profile for all

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