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Mailchimp Experts – Official Partner

This is how we can help you

We are an official Mailchimp partner and certified experts.

We can manage any campaign, although this platform allows us to do much more nowadays. We have more than 10 years of experience working with Mailchimp.

  • We can prepare your newsletters.
  • We can make them reach the people who matter.
  • We can create landing pages that are simple, intuitive and focused on conversion.
  • We can keep your audience clean and updated.
  • We can design microsites for specific campaigns.
  • We can automate all necessary processes (abandoned carts, birthday greetings, welcome emails, and more).
  • We can manage the advertising of your social networks.

Why choose Reinicia as a Mailchimp Partner?

1. We’ve been sending campaigns with Mailchimp for over 10 years.

2. We have worked with 53 different clients.

3. We are trainers; we teach initiation and advanced-level courses in automation.

We are Mailchimp experts

You can trust us for any project, as we’ve been working closely with the Mailchimp team in Atlanta for more than 10 years.

This is what we can offer


We can advise you so that your email marketing campaigns are effective, and we will ensure your database is thoroughly cared for.


Reach your audience effectively. Your newsletters will reach your target thanks to the segmentation and automation of your campaigns.


We teach beginner, advanced and specialized courses in automation so that you can get the most out of the tool.

The goal of Reinicia_ is to achieve your goals.

Whatever your goal, we go with you until the end. With the ACE system we help brands like you get where they want to be.

And our way of achieving this is through intelligent marketing_: automatic, comprehensive, agile, personalized, scalable.

You are looking for someone that can help you.| solutions.| someone who understands you.| stop worrying.| smart marketing_. | and you found us Shall we start!?

We show you the smart way_ to reach your goal >

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You can see our work with other brands using Mailchimp

We will show you the intelligent path to achieving your goals.
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