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To improve the brand’s positioning and protect it against piracy.
+ 400%
+ 250%
Sector: Ecommerce
Scope: International

Challenges faced

Loewe is one of the most important luxury fashion houses in the world.
Today, master craftsmen combine their knowledge with new technology as well as an innovative creative philosophy to give life to contemporary, authentic and desirable items.
Loewe asked us >>

  • To improve their brand positioning
  • To protect their brand against websites that sell Loewe imitations
  • To carry out Prepare performance testing reports for their new store

Our solution

  • We carried out an initial SEO analysis in Spanish and English. This included:
    • Onsite and offsite auditing (audit?)
    • Keyword research and SEO strategy
  • We supported their tech team to improve their international SEO
  • We defined the website structure so that it had a strong foundation in international SEO
  • We optimized categories and product data
  • We carried out research and analysis Web Analytics of their online store:
    • Measurement plan, with objectives, KPIs, and other metrics
    • Dashboard and biannual proposals for improvements

What we achieved together


  1. Notable improvement in indexing thanks to technical changes
  2. Increase in search engine traffic by over 400% in 3 years. More than 300,000 visits per month just from search engines
  3. Increase in sales coming from search engine traffic: more than 250% in 3 years
  4. Positioning of trademarks on search engines. Protection against piracy
  5. Measuring potential product demand to understand market preferences

Web Analytics

  1. Activity monitoring of the international store from just one document
  2. Higher quality improvement proposals thanks to trustworthy indicators
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Néstor Tejero Bermejo

Managing Director

Néstor manages Reinicia_ and advises both big and small clients within various industries.

Virginia Barrios

Content and Social Media Manager

It doesn’t matter how many new social networks are invented, Virginia has created a profile for all

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