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Live or recorded events / Webinars

Giving webinars is as easy as a kid’s game when you leave it to us_.

We have experience with various webinar platforms and can work with you toensure that the organization of the event and the attendee list are a great success.

Why are our webinars intelligent? 

Data optimization

The platform will optimize video and audio quality depending on the connection of each attendee

Multi Device

Attendees will be able to connect from any device: desktop computer, tablet, or mobile


 We can record the webinars and offer them via a subscription or video snippets.

What type of webinar do you want to create?


Suggest an interesting topic for your audience and share useful advice with them so they see your company as a benchmark for your industry.

Product/service demos

Introduce a new product or service or simply share updates of current products or services to an engaged audience and immediately gauge the level of interest. 


Present your most important yearly milestone reports  or any other relevant business via an online broadcast and make the most of being able to capture your audience’s impressions first hand.  

Webinar services we offer

  • Support in defining the topic and focus of the webinar 
  • Webinar platform procurement and management
  • Webinar configuration
  • Presentation and artwork design 
  • Management of signups and attendees 
  • Survey creation and analysis 
  • Marketing and communications before, after and during the webinar 
  • Sales tracking post-webinar to achieve business objectives 
  • Reporting and suggestions for improvements
We show you the smart way_ to reach your goal >

Key team members   

Elena Rojo

Communications, Events, and Training Manager

Product Owner and Scrum Master occasionally

Set us some objectives and I will propose the best strategy to reach them. I will organize your webinar and make sure it is a total success.

Virginia Barrios

Content and Social Media Manager

It doesn’t matter how many new social networks are invented, Virginia has created a profile for all

We can attract your clients and prospective clients to your webinar using messages that motivate them to sign up and participate. 

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How we work and what we offer

We use the ACE System to organize the Marketing Plans of our projects > Attract, Convert, Expand


Maintain a long-term relationship with your Customers and Prospects without wanting to sell to them every time. Make them have you among their preferences and visit your Brand Universe, online and offline, either because you offer them the solution to their problems, or your brand adds value to them.


Now that you’ve caught their attention and they know you, generate content and resources that will lead them to convert when a need arises. That is, they opt for your products or services, request a quote, contact you, etc. There are many ways to convert beyond buying!


Once the first sale has been achieved, work to reinforce the idea that you are the best option, keep in touch so that they will buy/hire you again and make them fall in love so that they recommend you.

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We will show you the intelligent path to achieving your goals.
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