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Zoho CRM

Customized sales and marketing solution in less than 6 weeks

Having a powerful and agile CRM is vital to intelligent marketing. Zoho CRM gives you everything your business needs to grow sustainably.

Reinicia combines technical knowledge of Zoho (we are Official Partners and have our own Technical Team) with extensive experience in marketing and sales, so we can offer a complete solution that combines optimal business management with marketing tools that help to attract and retain contacts. With us, you’ll get the most out of Zoho CRM.

If you are looking to implement Zoho CRM hand in hand with marketing experts and not just technicians, we are the partners you are looking for. Contact us, and we’ll tell you more.

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What we’ve done so far

Main benefits of intelligent marketing

All in one

With Zoho CRM, you can manage your marketing and commercial processes at the same time.


Simple and intuitive user interface. Learning to use the tool is very easy.

Keep your data

Data Migration and import are simple. It’s possible to do it from spreadsheets or other CRM systems.

Automate processes

Forget about those actions that you always have to be aware of. Instead, automate different processes to save time and costs.

Ready for remote

It allows you to interact with Prospects, Clients and Teammates remotely through different channels.


Choose which Zoho CRM features you want to start with and grow at your own pace.

App and cloud solution

Users can access it through mobile and tablet apps or via the cloud on a web browser.


Save information about your contacts and communicate with them through different channels.

Integration with other Zoho, Microsoft and Google apps

It allows you to work with any Zoho One app and with Microsoft Teams, Office 365, OneDrive, Google Drive, Gmail and GSuite.

Multiple additional integrations

Zoho CRM is fully extensible. It’s easy to integrate the CRM with other applications and external systems.

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Who are the people in our team that will work with you?

Paolo Bergamelli

Full Stack Developer and Zoho Consultant

In the agency, Tallegio is never missing. Always replies on time

Álvaro O’Donnell

Digital Strategy, CRO and CRM_

His capacity for conceptualization will surprise you

Jorge González

Zoho and Mailchimp Consultant

Zoho and Mailchimp Consultant

  1. Initial analysis: objectives, audiences, processes and database
    Marketing and sales workflows and data model for recruitment and loyalty.
  2. Redefinition
    Database of prospects and contacts, workflows, automations, scoring and follow-up rules.
  1. Platform setup
    Based on company needs and integration with other apps such as GSuite and Office 365.
  2. Team Training and Continuous Improvement
    We foster the evolution of people and technology. New and existing processes, documents and users.

Why trust Reinicia?

Official Zoho Partners

We are Zoho Authorized Partners. We have more than 6 years of experience implementing Zoho apps.

Technical and Marketing

An experienced multidisciplinary team capable of making a complete proposal with different marketing and commercial tools that adapt to each Client’s needs and capabilities.

Transparent processes

We have a well-structured work methodology with total transparency towards our Clients.

Why work with Reinicia as a Zoho Partner?

Partner Zoho Oficial
  1. Our expert Marketing and Technology Teams will help you get the most out of this business and marketing solution
  2. We have been working with Zoho apps for more than six years
  3. We have worked with more than 30 Clients of different sizes and sectors
  4. We are trainers; we teach initiation and advanced level courses, both for Users and Managers, and they can be subsidized by FUNDAE

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If you are reading this, it is because you know how important a CRM can be when embarking on a new path, and you are looking for a trusted partner who can guide and accompany you.

Take the first step and talk to us! We offer a demo without any obligation and will create a free account for you.

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Write us and let’s move forward together

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