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Online shop design and build 

We create marketing-focused e-commerce sites using the latest versions of Prestashop,
Woocommerce, or Drupal.

These platforms let you easily manage, maintain and scale your site so that it can grow as
your business grows.

Why are our online shops intelligent?


With our online shops, you can get going with automated marketing from the moment your site is launched. We can also link it with Mailchimp, Zoho, Pipedrive, or whatever other tool you might be using.  

Focused on marketing

Our e-commerce sites are marketing oriented to help you attract, convert and gain loyal clients from the moment it’s up and running.  

Agile methodologies

We follow the Lean and Scrum methodologies to manage our projects, which means we can complete tasks in less time and start testing your ideas as soon as possible. We also validate each idea and action as we go, just in case we need to pivot. 

What does a marketing-oriented shop look like?

A marketing-oriented shop is built to facilitate the actions and objectives set out in the Marketing Plan. We do this by, for example: 

  • SEO: Focusing on search engine optimization, not only with regards to code and website structure, but also with regards to installing additional functionality.
  • E-mail Marketing: Using tools and software to capture new subscribers and to send emails, both manual and automated.
  • Content marketing: Creating sections to generate, optimize and publish content.
  • SEM: Creating landing pages, carrying out A/B testing to optimize conversions and monitor results.
  • Social media integration: Enabling functionalities to integrate your site with social media. For example, sharing products and content, following social media accounts and identifying profiles via social media.
  • Affiliation programme: Creating a referral network you can incentivize in order for them to recommend your products and/or services.
  • Brand club: Using the brand club tool to create incentives for users and/or clients.
  • Web analytics: Integrating your site with Google Analytics in order to monitor results and configuring the tool so that it collects the most important information and helps you make decisions based on data.

What platform is best for your online shop? 


One of the most secure and robust CMS platforms on the market. A tailor made shop resistant to any malware attack.  


Great for medium sized businesses, it easily and quickly connects to a multitude of ERPs and marketing apps. 


As well as linking perfectly with WordPress, Woocommerce is a cost effective solution for smaller businesses.  

Online shop services

  • Screen design and page model designs for your website  
  • UX research of your target audience 
  • Defining the ACE personas that you will direct your attention towards 
  • Customer Journey Mapping to understand how a visitor will navigate your site 
  • Navigation Tree
  • Building and configuring the chosen e-commerce platform
  • User testing to validate designs 
  • Installing and configuring new functionalities 
  • Linking to other systems and software via APIs 
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Key team members 

Álvaro O’Donnell

Digital Strategy, CRO and CRM_

Su capacidad de conceptualización te sorprenderá.

Your online shop will be the best salesperson in your team once I’ve had my way with it. It will be ready to sell 365 days a year, 24 hours a day! 

Raúl Ledo

Full Stack Developer

Solucionador nato en Reinicia_

Prestashop, WooCommerce and Drupal are my allies when it comes to making sure you have the best online shop. All your products, just one click away from your clients. 

I make sure your online shop is in line with your brand, and that it’s easy and intuitive to use, whilst still including all usability details so that you sell as much as possible. 

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