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One of the greatest advantages for online marketing is that the results of different actions can be monitored more precisely. However, the huge amount of data generated is rarely organised, processed and analysed to improve future performance.

At Reinicia, we help you collect the information, obtain relevant conclusions from it, and keep track as needed.

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What are the benefits of this service for your business?

Constant monitoring of the results obtained by different marketing efforts through easy-to-interpret indicators.

Identification of improvement areas in your website based on Users’ navigation data and a qualitative analysis.

Understanding of the status of your brand in the market, directly from your target audience’s opinions.

Early detection of opportunities and threats based on data collected in the website.

Monitoring of your competitors’ progress compared to your brand trough competitive intelligence actions.

What do we offer?

Definition of custom dasboards and optimal KPI for different online marketing tools.

Suggestions for improvement based on the data analysis from website, online store, social media, online reputation, video content, SEM, SEO, and any other tool.

Set-up of Google Analytics: conversion funnels, events, searches, content grouping, custom variables, search engine optimization, segments, etc.

Creation of custom reports and dashboards in Google Analytics.

Data processing in spreadsheets for additional analysis and comparison with data from different online marketing tools.

Design and implementation of tests, and subsequent monitoring of based on the results.

Creation of qualitative analysis in the website and analysis of the results.

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Which work team profiles are involved?

Senior Web Analyst

Senior Web Analyst