Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Among the advertising opportunities provided by social media, Facebook Ads is one of the most interesting choices. We can make a specific plan for you, identifying the most relevant audience, designing creatives to be shown and managing daily performance of the campaign to constantly improve results.

You will not need a large budget to make a successful campaign. You will get a significant increase in your publications reach, followers, “likes” and comments, targeted only to those people really interested in your product or service, so that it leads to an actual improvement in your business results.

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What are the benefits of this service for your business?

Get immediate visits and achieve short- and mid-term positive results once the campaigns are optimized.

You can make advertising campaigns on a modest budget.

Ability to address advertisements to specific people through exhaustive segmentation criteria.

Control the number of average impacts to avoid tiring our target audience.

Total control over the business results generated.

Improvement of brand awareness among your target audience.

Exponential increase of organic impact from your actions on social media.

Different formats available: text, image and video.

What do we offer?

Creation and set-up of Client-owned accounts.

Initial assessment and advertising strategy definition.

Implementation and advanced set-up of Facebook Pixel.

Definition and set-up of target audience.

Creation of campaign structure with ads for different audiences.

Campaign optimization for more conversions and lower cost per click, testing new ads and improving relevance for audience.

Retargeting campaigns to address campaigns to the audience that is most interested.

Graphic ads and new designs in different formats including image and video.

Creation and improvement of landing pages to maximize conversions.

Definition of KPIs and reporting.

Do you want further information about Facebook Ads?

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Which work team profiles are involved?

Senior Online Marketing Consultant

Senior Online Marketing Consultant

Web Designer

Web Designer

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer